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              M247 Data Center is located in the area Bucharest, Romania, and the colocation data center is carrier neutral. The data center was last updated on 25-03-2015.

              M247 Data Center
              Sos. Fabrica de Glucoza, Nr 11B, etaj 1, Sector 2
              20331 Bucharest
              Romania, Romania

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              Our Facilities
              PRIVATE ROOMS
              If security or privacy is paramount to your needs, a private room is the best solution and we can provide a dedicated walled off space, configured to your specific needs. Power supply and access systems to your area are dedicated exclusively for maximum security and availability.
              11u / 22u / 47u - Although still located within a shared area of the data centre, a cage provides you with space separated from our other customers. You share power distribution, UPS, fire prevention and climate control systems with our other clients.
              As a minimum security measure, many customers take an individually locked rack and, of course, they also benefit from the standard security measures taken throughout our data centre - shared power distribution, UPS, fire prevention, climate control.
              SHARED ROOMS
              M247 is able to provide a dedicated area, within a shared room, into which you can install your own cabinets. These will occupy a shared area alongside equipment belonging to other M247 customers. Each cabinet is supplied with a dedicated dual power feed which is drawn from a shared power distribution system. Cable trays are included and you enjoy all of the standard sophisticated climate control, UPS, security and fire prevention that we have to offer.
              . Located in secure fenced and gated compound
              . Manned 24/7/365 by expert staff
              . Multiple physical security layers
              . CCTV surveillance cameras
              . Advanced VESDA laser smoke detection
              . The building is also equipped with portable CO2 fire extinguishing systems
              . Locked cabinet, cages and safes available
              GUARANTEED POWER
              The availability of power is critical to our colocation customers.
              . Resilient N+1 UPS power protection
              . Multiple layers of guaranteed and tested power redundancy
              . Fully automatic N+1 diesel power generation
              . Fuel storage on-site with refuelling SLA from two separate depots . Sophisticated centrifugal fuel scrubber system and filters to eliminate contamination
              . Full mains failure simulated in monthly test
              . Dedicated onsite High-Voltage substations
              . 32 amp A + B power feeds available
              . One of Europe's most energy efficient facilities PuE <1.4
              (granular records available)
              . Advanced cold-aisle containment system
              . World class low carbon footprint climate control system
              . Recycling policy
              . Continuous planned upgrades to improve efficiency
              CLIMATE CONTROL
              Our data floors are equipped with state of the art redundant cooling equipment. An ambient temperature of 18 to 25 ºC is maintained with a humidity level of 40% - 60%.
              Whenever you visit M247 you can enjoy far more than just basic access to your equipment:
              . Ample, free and secure parking
              . Build room
              . Free WIFI
              . Secure locker space for personal equipment
              . Delivery and storage management
              . Chauffeured car - for airport, rail or bus pick-ups
              . Mobile monitors, keyboards and chairs on datafloor
              . Break room
              . Meeting room with data projection, sound and TV facilities
              . Dedicated or hot desk workspace with onsite, private office space if required
              Supported 24x7x365 by fully trained onsite engineers, M247 has full accreditation for its ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, ISO 27001 certified for its Information Security Management System and ISO 14001 for its Environmental Management System. Our customers can truly relax knowing that their infrastructure is in good hands. We have a number of real world Service Level Agreements tailored to suit our broad based offerings.
              REMOTE HANDS
              Our data center is manned 24x7x365, thus we can offer a truly professional remote hands service which enables your own engineers to focus on other areas rather than have to spend time driving significant distances to our data centre.
              The following services can be undertaken under our remote hands service:
              . Change-out faulty hot swappable components using your on-site spares
              . Re-set, re-boot and power cycle your servers
              . Check and replace patch leads and patch panel connections
              . Visual inspection of hardware including status indicators
              . Cable tracing
              If there isn't time to visit the M247 data centre to install your own equipment, this service, along with the equipment reception and storage service we offer, means M247 can ease the workload burden significantly as you grow. Skilled M247 engineers will unpack, install and connect your equipment after carefully discussing the specific requirements with your technical team.
              STORAGE AND BACK-UP
              This is yet another way M247 can help minimise the burden of having to visit our data centre. Again, after carefully discussing your specific requirements and backup frequency requirements, skilled M247 engineers will rotate tapes between the back-up device and your security safe located in our buildings.
              Please contact us to discuss your specific support requirements.
              OUR COMPANY
              If you're concerned about handing over your infrastructure and enjoying the benefits that come from committing to M247 as a provider for your needs, perhaps the following information might allay your fears:
              . Well-funded and stable privately owned company committed to future growth
              . Hands-on directors with diverse technical and business skills
              . High level of technical expertise throughout company
              . Committed to quality of service - support charter
              . Simplicity - easy to understand products, services, pricing, contracts
              . Customer focused
              . Confidential, Trustworthy, Ethical and Fair
              . In house development team has enabled us to control costs and service quality to our customers
              A much overused phrase but one that serves well to describe our data center efforts at M247 Europe. We are committed to providing a premium service and our investment in buildings and technology means that you can easily scale up or scale down your requirements to suit your business needs. Most businesses experience that their ICT demands roughly follow the curve prescribed by Moore's Law in that processing speed, memory storage and capacity are likely to double every two years. It's very difficult for most businesses to keep up with this but even skipping a few years, the demand is significantly eased by colocating at M247 Europe.
              With a diverse range of offerings including hosting, data security, consultancy, infrastructure design, scalable Cloud solutions, disaster recovery solutions, back-up and restore services, M247 Europe is able to combine any product and service to tailor a solution that will work for YOU.
              Contact an M247 Europe Account Manager if you have any questions about pricing for your colocated server(s). Pricing can vary depending on the size of your server(s), power needs, bandwidth needs and any server management you may require.
              BOOK A TOUR NOW!
              The best way to really see what we can do is to come and have a look around, meet our team and put us to the test. Contact us now to book a tour and see our Data Center!

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