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              Polcom Data Center Skawina is located in the area Krakow, Poland (Polska), and the colocation data center is not carrier neutral. The data center was last updated on 10-04-2017.

              Krakowska 43
              32-050 Skawina

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              Polcom Data Center is one of the most modern and largest data processing and storage centers in Poland. The Polcom Data Center is located in Skawina, near the Cracow at 43 Krakowska street. The Polcom Data Center services are available in two facilities - Skawina and Alwernia (near to Katowice).
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              Moore information:

              Data Center Skawina is located near Krakow, off the A4 motorway connecting Krakow and Katowice.
              The main advantages of this location:
              . 3 km from the A4 motorway between Katowice and Krakow
              . Direct proximity to the airport: a 10 km-distance from the Krakow-Balice Airport, building located in a safe area
              . 5-hectare plot of land (fenced-off and monitored).

              The total area of PDC Skawina is 6000 m2, and the building is divided into two distinct sections:
              . 4-floor administration-office building with an area of 3000 m2 and 600 workstations in the back-up office
              . 2-floor server section with an area of 3000 m2.

              Major Characteristics of the Building

              . Year of commissioning: 2011
              . Technical area - 3000 m2
              . SLA level of 99.995%
              . Power: 15 MW
              . Location: Skawina n. Krakow
              . Redundant fibre optic link connecting DC Alwernia and DC Skawina


              . Twelve independent operators, two telecommunications rooms.
              . Independent operator routes, 4 approach paths to the building.
              . Redundant access node to the Internet with DDoS protection


              . Round-the-clock physical security
              . Extensive system of access control and burglar alarm systems
              . CCTV
              . Building Monitoring System (BMS) controls the operation of all devices in the data center
              . Licensed security staff, hired by a licensed security agency.
              . 24/7 intervention group
              . Confidential office
              . 7-tier access control
              . Constant CCTV monitoring
              . Building Management System

              Fire Protection

              . Redundant fire extinguishing system, dual set of cylinders
              . Separate fire zones with the fire resistance of up to EI90
              . Fire detection system based on early smoke detection
              . Neutral gas extinguishing system for persons, equipment and environment

              Power Supply

              . Two underground medium-voltage power connections 15 kV
              . Back-up power generators in a N or N+1 architecture
              . Distribution of power in a 2N layout
              . UPS back-up power supply system in a 2(N+1) layout.
              . Power supply system prepared to deliver up to 15 kW/RACK
              . 50 000 litre fuel tanks
              . Comprehensive monitoring of power supply parameters.

              Air Conditioning

              . Two independent cooling sources
              . Redundant precision air conditioning
              . Redundant water chiller system
              . Two redundant distribution paths for chilled water
              . Cooling capacity up to 15 kW/RACK
              . Free cooling - reduced operating costs

              Quality and Certificates

              . ISO 9001:2008 HU 10
              . ISO/IEC 27001:2013 HU 11/6162
              . Industrial Security Certificate II, "NATO Confidential", "UNION Confidential" "COUNTRY Confidential"

              Ecology and Energy Efficiency

              . Passive energy sources (free cooling, location of the building)
              . Green roof

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