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              bridge2cloud is located in the area Vilnius, Lithuania (Republic of Lithuania), and the colocation data center is carrier neutral. The data center was last updated on 20-10-2010.

              Blue Bridge
              jasinskio 16a
              LT-01112 Vilnius

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              Our DC services are based on virtualization technologies and because of that can quickly adopt to customer requirements. Either you need additional infrastructure components or just change existing capacity, it can be done in minutes, not in days or weeks! Because of capabilities to adopt capacity to exactly what is required, it is almost always financially beneficial to change model for IT provisioning from using fixed, overprovisioned resources, to flexible, adaptable resources.

              Other positive "side effects" of using virtualization is increased availability of services. Because virtual servers are no more tied to physical box, it is easy to move virtual servers from failed hardware to functioning hardware. In fact, management system does this automatically, so in case of hardware failure virtual servers will be up and running in few minutes on redundant DC hardware.

              Data inside our DC will be protected by using backup software designed to work with virtual environments. This means that not only copies of user data will be made, but images of running virtual machines with all settings and environment values also are copied. That type of backup has much shorter recovery time because along with user data virtual machines can be also quickly recovered.

              Although basic unit of service in our DC is "virtual machine", we have all required capabilities and resources to provide complete IT solutions on top of this basic unit. Either you require only temporary Windows or Linux server to test application, or looking for ways to outsource whole IT with applications, databases, licenses, collaboration software- our team can provide required services from IT solution development to operational support.
              Some of our "standardized", basic services we can mention Virtual Servers, Virtual Desktops, MS Exchange collaboration solution hosting. All services include licensing based on service usage.

              We also have extensive network reachability. Because of partnership agreement with UAB "Skaidula", which has one of the best optical network infrastructure in Lithuania, we can provide services in most locations using high speed optical links.
              DC infrastructure

              Our DC is located in Vilnius, Jasinskio str. 16a "Verslo Trikampis" and because of its location can use some unique benefits, like redundant power lines (connected from same substation as Lithuanian Seimas) and dense hub of optical and internet connections. As one of location benefits we can also mention that DC is located in the same building as HP service center, what means HW change and repair capabilities are almost in-house.

              DC infrastructure itself is built using "house-in-house" technology- all client IT equipment is located inside certified capsule which is 100% water proof and can withstand 1000 C degree of heat for about half an hour.

              Other infrastructure components are built to provide highest data protection and security- there are automatic fire suppression system, uninterruptible power supply, access control system, video surveillance and recording system.
              DC infrastructure also has complete preventive technologies in place- we use flooding sensors inside DC, temperature sensors, smoke detectors and power sensors. DC management system can take actions itself based on these signals. For example, to prevent fire propagation through air vents it closes air pathways if fire outside DC is detected. Signals from these sensors are also are sent to our personnel using SMS messages, so they can intervene and prevent data loses and equipment damage.

              DC is purposely built to extensively use virtualization technologies. That means higher server utilization, what requires effective and safe cooling system. So cooling system is implemented using in-row system with completely redundant cooling blocks- each block is centrally managed but can run completely autonomously, so failure of one cooling block will not affect other blocks.

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