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              Zajil Telecom is located in the area Kuwait City, Kuwait (Persian Gulf), and the colocation data center is carrier neutral. The data center was last updated on 04-12-2007.

              Zajil Telecom
              MOC Shuwaikh Exchange
              Kaifan Kuwait City

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              owned and operated by Zajil Telecom.
              * For security reasons this data center does not want its exact location publicly available.
              Therefore the address above is not the exact location, but it is within the city..

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              Office space
              Rack Cabinets
              Dedicated Servers
              Virtual Servers
              Hosting of individual servers
              Remote Hands


              We offer Shared & Dedicated Co-location server hosting services within a Carrier Class Data Center which utilizes an infrastructure environment that allows for high availability as well as high redundancy. Server co-location is perfect for the implementation of mission critical enterprise platforms, hot and cold backup sites, disaster recovery, E-commerce applications as well as the virtual office.

              This is a cost effective solution for customers who need to co-locate only a few pieces of equipment. A "shared" environment allows you and your E-Business the benefits of a Carrier Class Data Center without incurring the full cost for Cabinet or Cage Suite space.

              All server and network equipment must either be rack mount capable or be installed with customer provided rack rails that can accommodate a 4 post 19" rack facility. Various options for 1U, 2U, 3U, etc, upto a full cabinet facility of 47U can be provided based on the customer's requirements. The Rack facility will support all rack mountable servers models from vendors such as Sun Microsystems, IBM, Dell, HP, etc.

              Disaster Recovery Services
              Seamless Business Continuity & Recovery is close to duplication of the client's site, including establishment of duplicate links that originate from branch sites to the main site. In the event of a disaster at any one site, the main site, or all the sites, the disaster recovery service is activated without clients having to face any interruptions or service degradation.

              Zajil Datacenter provides the following services:

              Hot Business Continuity & Recovery is similar to the seamless DR site but without the links from the branch sites. One main link is established to the main office, and the DR site is continuously updated. Hence, in case of a disaster at the main office, all of the data is backed up and ready. A redirection provision ensures that the branch offices communicate with our DR site, and business continues as usual. Hot disaster recovery includes synchronous and asynchronous modes of data replication. The former involves simultaneous transmittal and backup of data at the DR site from the main site, while in the latter, data replication takes place at fixed intervals.

              Warm Business Continuity & Recovery In this instance, the client's data is backed up on our systems and your application image is kept updated so that in the event of a disaster at your site, via a connection to our site, you can be online again.

              Cold Business Continuity & Recovery involves backing up of client's data, either electronically or physically. This solution necessitates rebuilding application systems at the DR site.

              BC & DR (Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery) : A fully equipped workspace is offered to employees of companies, which allows them to operate from our location in the event of a disaster at the main site. The BC & DR workspace can be reserved for a specific number of users, so mission critical operations can continue unabated.

              Consultancy to Asses Requirement
              Business Continuity & Recovery begins with the planning and assessment of your mission critical systems, and includes:

              -Analysis of the importance of each system, assignment of priorities, and an evaluation of the duration of time the client can continue operations during system downtime
              -Development of an appropriate strategy, in accordance with costs and the business' priorities
              -Detailed documentation of the plan

              Designing the solution
              Designing an appropriate solution with disaster recovery services based either at the client's premises or at our Data Center . As per the analysis done in the planning and assessment phase and taking into consideration the client's current systems, a solution that most effectively fits the client's requirements is recommended.

              Email Only Hosting Services
              Zajil provides Hosted Email Services on powerful email messaging and collaboration platforms, Zajil services.

              Any organization can have all their email on the Hosted infrastructure with all collaboration and security features at a fraction of the cost of an in-house solution. The above solutions are supported by Microsoft and Sun respectively, leveraging a centralized management infrastructure in order to offer consistency and automation for the shared infrastructure.

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