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           Shanghai sa-auto Equipment Co., Ltd is Siemens PLC, S7-200\S7-300\S7-200CN\S7-200SMART\S7-1200\S7-1500, Siemens touch screen, Siemens Servo, Siemens, Siemens touch screen, weinview touch screen, ABB Inverter, and other automation control products, welcomed the consultation! We will to high-quality , the integrity of the service concept for our customers to provide the best products and technical services.


    Shanghai three ang automation equipment Co., the company has rich experience in the field of automation in more than a senior engineer. Perennial undertake Siemens automation installation, programming, debugging and other services, the company to quality service as the premise, in order to provide products as the basis, to industry technology assurance, actively for customers to provide a comprehensive industrial products, system integration and matching, technology application and development service. The company also undertake automation transformation in various industries and strive to make their own contribution for the automation industry, especially on a shelf in the shuttle, bread paper tray machine automatic paper feeding system and chemical mixing industry, weighing industry, paint bucket automatic manufacturing industry, and so on, have oneself understanding customer base.



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