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                Below you can see a map of providers offering cloud servers hosted in specific geographic areas. Click on a marker to see providers available in the specific area.

                Due to the many different definitions of cloud servers, or IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), we have limited the requirements to services that are based on virtualization and automatically provisioned. To set more specific requirements for which clouds you would like to see on the map (such as high availability, scalability, utility based billing, short term commitments and support of specific technologies) please use the filtering function in the bottom of the page.
                Cloud Server Map
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                Filter Cloud Providers

                View only providers that live up to the following requirements:

                Full redundancy / high availability
                Scalable instances
                Multiple locations
                Guaranteed CPU minimum
                Integrated firewall
                Integrated load balancing
                Integrated backup/snapshots
                Online pricing & instant activation
                Phone support
                SAS70 audit
                Managed services
                CDN services
                Support Linux
                Support Windows
                Support Custom OS
                Use a specific hypervisor:

                Use a specific storage technology:

                Minimum period:

                Purchasing model:

                About The Cloud Database

                The intention with our database of cloud / IaaS server providers, is the build up a database of providers offering infrastructure as a service with as many relevant details as possible about the various offerings. This enables our users to filter the providers based on their exact needs, and thereby quickly narrowing down the list of providers to those that match their needs.

                The entries in our database are primarily added and maintained directly by the service providers themselves, which means that is always updated and growing with new entries. All submissions are pending review before they are included though, to ensure that the quality of the service is not compromised.

                Apart from the cloud database for infrastructure as a service solutions (IaaS), our site also features multiple other services such as colocation, managed hosting, dedicated servers etc., many of which can actually be combined with cloud computing. For example a mix of virtualized cloud servers together with dedicated servers, or alternatively a managed hosting solution based on cloud servers.
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