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                Not All Data Centers Are Created Equal

                By Sune Christesen on March 2, 2010

                Seven simple words, and yet I am amazed every time I read them. I am talking about the slogan “Not All Data Centers Are Created Equal” from i/o Data Centers, that they have been pushing in their advertising lately. I really like this slogan and what the words represent, so as a follow up to some of my former posts relating to data center marketing I thought it would be interesting to dive in to data center slogans with a quick blog post.

                Below I have compiled a list of 15 different slogans from the industry, including some of the largest providers:

                • i/o Data Centers: Not all data centers are created equal.
                • Telehouse Europe: Large enough to cope, small enough to care.
                • TelecityGroup: Where content meets connectivity.
                • Interoute: From the ground to the cloud.
                • Melbourne: The whole server thing. sorted.
                • Digital Realty Trust: We know datacenters.
                • Telx: The interconnection company.
                • PhoenixNAP: Redundant. Reliable. Responsive.
                • SunGard Availability Services: Keeping people and information connected.
                • ColoCenters: The internet happens here.
                • Colocation America: It’s all about connections…
                • AISO: Web hosting as nature intended.
                • Equinix: Connecting the world’s information.
                • 365 Main: The world’s finest data centers.
                • CoreXchange: Advanced networking. Simplified.

                Most noticeable is that there is about a ton of providers out there with similar slogans, just stating that they are “the leader” or a “world class provider” of colocation services, managed services or whatever business they focus on. What is the point of having a slogan if it is that boring, and similar to half of the providers out there? Should not be that hard to come up with a bit more creativity.

                In addition to general slogans there are providers out there with other one-liners, that they use to stand out of the crowd. For example Rackspace is putting a lot of effort in to pushing their “Fanatical Support” similar to Liquid Web who is pushing their support as something special under the title “Heroic Support”.

                This was just a short post as there is not really much to say about the subject, I just like the influence a simple little thing as a slogan can have for a company brand. It is a small effort, but it often makes a company easier to remember instead of being just another fish in the sea.

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